Marking Products

  1. Rolled TX Flagging

    Rolled TX Flagging

    Colorful and highly visible, Presco Roll Flagging is the most durable, longest-lasting outdoor flagging available in the market thanks to Presco's proprietary formulations. Presco's Roll Flagging is produced from PVC film extruded in thier Sherman, Texas manufacturing facility.

    12 rolls of flagging per case. Sold by the case.

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  2. Danger Tape

    Danger Tape


    Presco Barricade Tape is used by professionals in law enforcement, safety, construction, painting, mining, hardware and utilities. 2 Mil Stock and size is 3" x 300'.

    Price is per roll.

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  3. Krylon Marking Wand

    Krylon Marking Wand

    34" Wheeler Hand-Held Wand

    Constructed of durable, rugged plastic and lightweight steel with a comfortable pistol grip for easy handling and marking.

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  4. Sokkia Giant Scribe (Non-Magnetic End)

    Sokkia Giant Scribe (Non-Magnetic End)

    Heavy-Duty Giant Scribe for marking steel, concrete, stone, lumber, and almost any other surface.

    Sokkia Part Number: 813054

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  5. Sokkia Carbide Point Scriber (5 1/4 Inch)

    Sokkia Carbide Point Scriber (5 1/4 Inch)

    Carbide Point Scriber for marking steel, concrete, stone, lumber, and almost any other surface.

    Sokkia Part Number: 813050

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  6. Presco Aerial Target (Iron Cross)

    Presco Aerial Target (Iron Cross)

    Iron Cross Aerial Target

    Presco Aerial Targets can be secured at a predetermined point of reference to mark a target position for a fly-over. These stitched, 4mil PVC targets are manufactured with reinforced grommets in each corner, used to secure the marker to the ground.

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  7. Marking Whiskers (6 inch)

    Marking Whiskers (6 inch)

    Presco 6 inch Marking Whiskers™ are an alternative marking choice for survey and construction sites, underground utility locating and many other uses. Virtually indestructible, these APWA color-coded Marking Whiskers™ spring back up when run over by lawn mowers, graders and heavy equipment. They are easily and conveniently attached to wood stakes or to 60-penny nails (not included). Use them alone or in conjunction with other marking products.

    Price is for one box of 1000 whiskers. 

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  8. Presco Aerial Paneling (12" X 300')

    Presco Aerial Paneling (12" X 300')

    Aerial Paneling

    For aerial mapping and surveying jobs, Presco Aerial Paneling can be easily placed along a predetermined perimeter of an area to be photographed. These reusable, 4 Mil PVC panels save time and labor costs in your aerial project.

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  9. Rust-Oleum Paint Bag

    Rust-Oleum Paint Bag

    Rust-Oleum Industrial offers this convenient carrying case for your marking paint.  This bag has room for three cans of paint and a bottle of water.  The ability to carry extra paint can save some steps back to the truck when it is time for a reload.  Tough, durable and safety orange this bag is ready for use on the job.


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  10. Rust-Oleum Marking Pistol

    Rust-Oleum Marking Pistol

    The best compliment to our Precision Line Paints is the ultra easy Marking Pistol.  Simply slip the can in the metal holder and pull the trigger.  This makes any marking job much easier and leaves a cleaner set of fingers behind.  The pistol is made of a durable yet light weight metal.  Pick one up to go with your marking paint today.

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